100liters Pressure Stirred Tank Reactor
100liters Pressure Stirred Tank Reactor
  • 100liters Pressure Stirred Tank Reactor
  • 100liters Pressure Stirred Tank Reactor

100liters Pressure Stirred Tank Reactor

Voume: 50liters,100liters,200liters Pressure: -1(FV) - +150bar Temperature: 20 °C to +350 °C Material: SS304, SS316, other alloys


Pilot Reactors

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    • Commodity name: 100liters Pressure Stirred Tank Reactor
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    <span>Voume: </span>50liters,100liters,200liters <span>Pressure: </span>-1(FV) - +150bar <span>Temperature: </span>20 °C to +350 °C <span>Material:</span> SS304, SS316, other alloys

    100liters High Pressure Reactors



    Ideally suited for scale up or pilot work, the geometry, features, and operation are very similar to that of smaller reactors, but with a volume intermediate between lab-scale and traditional production scale stirred reactors.Pilot Plants are built for pressure reactions as well as for reactions under full vacuum. Different technologies and materials are used, depending on the requested process and process media.


    • Floor stand type high pressure sitrred reactor autoclaves;
    • Volume: 50liters, 100liters, 200liters;
    • Maximum Pressure: 150bar;
    • Maximum Temperature: Up to 350℃;
    • Material:SS304, SS316, Hastelloy B/C, Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium, etc;




    • Electric oil heating method;
    • Zero leakage magnetic drive;
    • Pressure gage with safety rupture disc;
    • Variable speed motor and gear drive;
    • Stir shaft and stirrer assembly
    • Liquid inlet/ sampling/ outlet with dip tupe;
    • Gas inlet and release needle valves;
    • Internal spiral cooling coil



    • Oil circulate jacket heating; Steam heating;

    • Hoist for reactor head (manual or electric options);

    • Bottom drain valve ;

    • Insulation jacket;

    • Steel moveable frame;

    • Safety valve;

    • Top close type or Top open type;

    • Top head type: Flat head; Elliptical flanged head;

    Standard Specification



    Customer is advised to select best suited options for most optimized price & delivery.

    Customization of volume, material, pressure, temperature etc. may be possible on request.
    Different power supply options may be possible on request.



    Typical Applications

    • Hydrogenation reactor;                        

    • Polymerization reactor;

    • Synthesis reactor;

    • Catalyst testing / evaluation;

    • Catalytic reactor

    • Crystallization;

    • Chemical development.

    • Corrosion test, and catalyst test         

    • Petrochemical research;

    • Biomass research;

    • Zeolite synthesis;

    • Corrosion testing autoclave;

    • Scale-up;Pilot-Plant; Small-scale production;







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