Heat Exchanger

Evaporator, condenser, preheater, cooler, heater

Shell and tube heat exchanger/ Condenser/ tube condenser/Evaporator/preheater/cooler, heater

Tubular heater and condenser

Shell and tube heat exchanger is also called tubular heat exchanger. Shell & tube heat exchangers are very popular and commonly found in industrial use. A shell and tube exchanger consists of a shell, tube bundle and two heads or caps at both ends of the shell. Including fixed tube exchanger, U tube exchanger, and floating head exchanger three types.; By selecting different configurations of these basic parts, we can have many different types of shell & tube heat exchangers.

Hastelloy C276 Heat Exchanger/Condenser

Hastelloy C276 Heat Exchangers have been proven to be highly corrosion-resistant in extremely harsh environments.

Shell and tube heat exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchanger/ Condenser/ tube condenser/ Shell and tube condenser

Heating exchangers

HXCHEM designs and manufactures metallic shell and tube heat exchangers in different materials ranging from stainless steel and nickel alloys up to sophisticated anti-corrosive solutions like titanium and zirconium.

Vacuum filter vessels

Vacuum filter vessels

Reflux condenser

Reflux condenser
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