Low pressure reactor
  • Low pressure reactor

Low pressure reactor

Low pressure reactor; mixing tank; Oil heating reactor; electric heating reactor;Electric heating tank; Agitated tank;


Mixing Tank

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    • Commodity name: Low pressure reactor
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    Low pressure reactor; mixing tank; Oil heating reactor; electric heating reactor;Electric heating tank; Agitated tank;

    Low pressure reactor/ Electric heating tank


    A mixing tank, also called a stirred tank, is a vessel in which two or more substances are mixed by stirring. Mixing tanks are commonly used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and are often equipped with a motorized stirrer and an agitator. Mixing tanks can also heat or cool a substance, and are often used to hold a mixture of liquids and solids.






    Low pressure reactor




    • Generally, a blending container is a vertical round vessel consisting of a head cover, container body, and container bottom. It is set up on a platform via support. The storage tank body can offer a particular room for mixing under the specified operating temperature and stress.
    • The component exposed to the product, inner container, and various other elements are made from SUS304 and SUS316L. Other members take on SUS304.
    • The mirror of the inner container is dealt with by brightening, and its roughness is equal to or less than 0.4 um.
    • The mixing tank is done at a variable or constant speed according to various capabilities and technical requirements.
    • We can customize the mixing tanks according to your process requirements and drawings.









    10L-10000L (Other volume customized)                                                                                                    


    Vacuum to 10bar


    Up to 350℃


    SS304 or SS316 ; PTFE liner optional


    Single/ Double(heating)/ Three layers(Insulation)

    Top head type

    Dish, Open lid, Flat, semi-elliptical head

    Bottom type

    Dish, Conical, Flat bottom

    Heating mode

    Oil Electric heating, Steam heating, electric heating


    Conventional jacket/ Limpet Coil jacket

    Seal type

    Mechnical sealing or magnetic seal

    Mixing type

    High speed homoginizer, Propeller, anchor, paddle, scraper type, etc.

    Optional parts

    Quick open manhole / Pressure manhole

    Various types of CIP spraying ball 

    Liquid level meter and lever controller

    Ladder ( Optional )

    The pressure gauge ( Optional )


    Food, Beverage, pharmacy, biological, honey, chocolate, alcohol, chemical industry etc






    HXCHEM‘S mixing tank fittings optional as fellows:




    Vessel fittings                        

    Cleaning ball, Long flange mirror;  Mirror light; Sampling valve; Liquidometer, Glass manhole                          

    Pump Feeding pump, recycling pump, metering pump, sanitary pump, emulsion pump
    Pipeline Pipeline mirror; Ball valve; Butterfly valve; Filter;
    Distillation fittings Distillation fittings
    Control PLC control; Explosion-proof pannel;




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