Monel reactor
  • Monel reactor

Monel reactor

Monel 400 alloy reactors/ Monel 400 reactors/ Monel Reactor/ MONEL 400 Alloy reactors/ Monel 400 autoclaves/ Monel equipment/


Non Ferrous Metal Reactors

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    Monel 400 alloy reactors/ Monel 400 reactors/ Monel Reactor/ MONEL 400 Alloy reactors/ Monel 400 autoclaves/ Monel equipment/

    Monel 400 alloy reactors



    These Monel autoclave reactors are suitable for aggressive or hot acid applications which also include hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid. Monel can offer a corrosion performance far above that of nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium autoclaves. The Monel autoclave reactors are excellent corrosion resistive and commercially most used for the reactors purpose.


    • Volume: 1-10000 liters.
    • Design pressure: maximum up to 100bar
    • Design temperature: Up to 300℃
    • Material:Monel-400.
    • Heating method: Steam; Oil; Electric;
    • Seal type: Magnetic stirrer drives or mechanical stirring
    • Certificate: GB; ASME U stamp; ISO certified; PED;

    Monel-400 alloys

    • Chemical Composition:    28-34% Cu, 65%Ni, 1-2%Fe.



      Chemical Composition of Monel

      Designation Cu % Al % Ti % Fe % Mn % Si % Ni %
      Monel 400 28-34 - - 2.5 max. 2.0 max. - 63 min.


    Note: When steel cladding plates adoptted, carbon steel is considered as the high stress strength base plate for resisting the innner pressure!





    • Hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas;

    • Hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid;

    • Phosphoric acid

    • Medium concentrate alkaline and salt solutions



    Internal fittings

    • Internal heating/Cooling coils: Tube type or spiral coils;
    • Dip tube & temperature measure tube;
    • Shaft, Couplings & combined stirring paddle impeller;
    • Gas distributor & baffles;

    Optional for pressure vessel

    • Full Jacket/ Half-pipe jackets/ Dimpled jackets
    • Head type:Semi-elliptical/ Dished/ Hemispherical/ Flat



    • If there has special process requires, HXHCEM will also customize for you!
      Pls list your basis process parameters like follows:
      1. Reactor volume
      2. Operating Temperature
      3. Operating Pressure
      4. Reactor Material / contacting components material
      5. Agitator type, and the Mixing Speed, motor power request?
      6. With heating device or not? Heating type?
      7. Internal cooling coil or not, exchange area?
      8. Your other requests
      ......Contact us!

                      We like to help you to accomplish your plans.




    1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, 6000L, 8000L, 10000L, 15000L, 20000L, 25000L.....
    Working pressure
    Negative pressure -0.1~150bar
    Working temperature
    Stirring speed(rpm)
    Heating type
    Oil heating, steam heating, Electric heating
      Head type Semi-elliptical/ Dished/ Hemispherical/ Flat
      Jacket type Full Jacket/ Half-pipe jackets/ Dimpled jackets
    Charging type
    Charging from above, discharging from bottom.
    Stirring type
    Customized propeller, turbine, paddle, anchor, frame, screw belt type. ...etc
    Seal type
    Magnetic seal, mechanical seal,
    Construction materials
    (Wetted parts)
    Stainless steel SUS304, SS316L, SS310S, 321, duplex steel 2205, Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium, Hastelloy C-276, cladding plate.
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