Pilot magnetic coupling drive (Belt drive)
  • Pilot magnetic coupling drive (Belt drive)

Pilot magnetic coupling drive (Belt drive)

Model: MPB(Belt drive)
Volume of reactor: 20~50liters
Maximum pressure: 200bar
Maximum temperature: 350 °C
Material: SS304, SS316, other alloys


Magnetic Coupling Drives

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    • Commodity name: Pilot magnetic coupling drive (Belt drive)
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    <span>Model: </span>MPB(Belt drive)<br/> <span>Volume of reactor: </span>20~50liters<br/> <span>Maximum pressure: </span>200bar<br/> <span>Maximum temperature: </span>350 °C<br/> <span>Material:</span> SS304, SS316, other alloys<br/>

    Pilot Magnetic Couplings(Belt drive)



    Pilot magnetic stirrer drivers(MP type) is serve for 20liters, 30liters, 50liters GSH high pressure reactor. In applications with critical, highly toxic or aggressive media, hermetically sealed drives are inevitable. The permanent magnetic couplings offer a reliable alternative to conventional dynamic seals due to their contactless and leakage-free torque transmission in agitators and mixers.


    • Model: MPB(Belt drive).
    • Volume of reactor: 20~50liters;
    • Maximum pressure: 200bar
    • Maximum temperature: Up to 350℃
    • Material:SS304, SS316, Hastelloy B/C, Nickel, Titanium, etc.

    Application: Pressure Reactions(Hydrogenation, Amination); Reactions with noxious gases; Manufacture of potent pharmaceuticals; Zero leakage applications.




    Working principle

    A Magnetic seal comprises of a sealed chamber, which contains a rotating Inner Shaft, is embedded with powerful Inner Magnets. This inner shaft is supported on Upper and Lower Bearings. These are special Bearings, capable of withstanding harsh environments present inside the Reactor. A special barrier filter prevents dust from entering the Bearing Area. The output shaft of Motor/Gearbox assembly is locked on to an Outer Rotor, which is fitted with an Outer Magnet Assembly. When the Motor is switched on, the Outer Rotor Rotates, and magnetic flux causes the inner shaft to rotate synchronously with the Outer Rotor.

    Salient features

    • Belt drive Between motor & magnetic divers;
    • Light weight top and good stability, which can protect the motor.
    • Cooling jacket for high temperature application;
    • 100% Sealing. Zero leakage. Low energy cost;
    • Ndfeb magnetic couplings available;
    • Flange connect with reactor flat cover.




    MPB type
    MPD type
    For volumes
    10 - 100L
    50 - 500L
    Motor power
    180 - 3000 W
    1500 - 7500 W
    Torque range
    12 - 200 N-m
    20 - 400 N-m
    Transmission mode
    Belt drive
    Direct drive
    Stirrer speed
    0 - 750 rpm
    Pressure range
    Full vacuum / 300 bar
    Temperature range
    - 40°C to + 350°C
    Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium
    ,Nickel, Zirconium, others.




    Magnetic coupling stirrer
    From lab to industrial.
    Customize for the high pressure reactor, autoclave, tank, etc.
    Lab scale-ML
    Pilot scale-MP
    Industrial scale-MI
    For volumes
    500mL - 10L
    1000L - 50m3
    Motor power
    Torque range
    4 - 15 N-m
    10 - 400 N-m
    400 - 7000 N-m
    Stirrer speed
    0 ~ 1500 rpm
    0 ~ 750 rpm
    0 ~ 500 rpm
    Press. range
    Vacuum~300 bar
    Vacuum~200 bar
    Vacuum~200 bar
    Temp. range
    - 40°C to + 350°C
    CS, SS, Hastelloy, Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium, others.
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