Special Application Reactors

Electromagnetic induction heating chemical reactor

Electromagnetic induction heating/ Induction heating/ Electromagnetic Induction Heater for Reactors and kettles. Induction heating chemical reactors, Induction heating pressure autoclaves, Induction heating Vessels, Induction heating storage tanks, Induction heating pressure vessels,Induction heating resin reactors

Hydrogenated polyols sorbitol high pressure autoclave reactor

Sorbitol hydrogenation autoclave reactor/ Sorbitol production/ Hydrogenation reactor/ Stirred autoclave/ Autoclave/ High pressure reactor/Sorbitol production/ Hydrogenated polyols

Polyurethane resin reactor

Polyurethane resin reactor & plants; polymerization reactors/Industrial chemical reactor

Batch stirred acid hydrolysis reactors

Batch stirred acid hydrolysis reactors/ Hydrolysis reactors/Acid Hydrolysis Reactor/ Cladding reactor

Ammonia autoclave reactors

Ammonia autoclave reactors/Ammonia reactors/ Ammonia autoclaves/Ammonia Vessels

Vertical stirred pyrolysis reactor

Vertical stirred pyrolysis reactor/pyrolysis reactor/Vertical pyrolysis reactor/ High temperature pyrolysis reactor

Crystallization reactor

Crystallization reactor is a process whereby solid crystals are formed from another phase, typically a liquid solution or melt. Industrial crystallization reactor;Continuous crystallization reactor; ss316 crystallization reactor;Crystallization Reactor & Filter Reactor

Leaching reactor/ Acid leaching autoclave reactors

HXCHEM offer the titanium autoclaves; Hydrometallurgy autoclave; Leaching autoclave; Lithium battery leaching autoclave; Sulfuric acid leaching autoclave; H2SO4 leaching autoclave; Acid leaching autoclave; Titanium cladding leaching autoclave; High Pressure Acid Leach

Hydrometallurgy reactor/ Titanium cladding leaching autoclave

One of the principal applications for which HXCHEM Pressure Reactors are used is in the field of hydrometallurgy or the extraction of metals from their ores by leaching with acids at elevated temperatures and pressures. The reactor is high resistant to high pressure, high temperature, strong acidity and long-term wearing.Hydrometallurgy reactor/ Titanium cladding leaching autoclave
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