Esterification polycondensation reactor
  • Esterification polycondensation reactor

Esterification polycondensation reactor

Lab to industrial esterification polycondensation reactor.


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    Lab to industrial esterification polycondensation reactor.

    Esterification & Polycondensation Reactor



    The water and small molecular substances produced by the ester reaction, separated by distillation column, packing tower and condenser during the esterification;


    During the polycondensation reaction, closing the valve of the ester reaction, opening the polycondensation valve, adjust the temperature to a higher temperature, and interact many same or different low molecular substances through the stirring system to generate polymer substances, at the same time, small molecules, such as water, alcohol, ammonia and halides, are separated and collected through the condenser receiving tank. Widely used in organic synthesis, chemical fiber and other fields.


    The inner surface is polished by mirror to ensure hygiene and cleanliness without dead ends.




    Salient Features

    • 100ml to 50 liters volume;
    • Pressure up to 350bar;
    • Temperature up to 350℃;
    • Standard materials:SS-304, SS-316, or other alloys.
    • Heating method: Standard electric heating;
    • Cooling method:internal cooling coils

    Magnetic Couplings Driver

    All HXCHEM stirred reactors are equipped with a magnetic drive to provide a trouble-free linkage to an internal stirrer, thereby avoiding the leakage problems which sometimes arise with a packed gland stirrer drive.


    • High torque magnetic couplings;
    • 100% Sealing. Zero leakage. Low energy cost.


    • Constant pressure feeding tank;
    • Vertical and horizontal condenser;
    • Reflux pipeline and external receving pipeline;
    • Receiver and collection pot;
    • Buffer tank & vaccum pump.

    Control System

    • PID automatic temperature control, temperature accuracy +/- 1℃;
    • Digital display of inside temperature and jacket temperature;
    • Digital display of the inside pressure;
    • Agitator speed digital display and adjustment;
    • Heating power adjustment.





    • Customer is advised to select best suited options for most optimized price & delivery.
    • Customization of volume, material, pressure, temperature etc. may be possible on request.
    • Different power supply options may be possible on request.
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