R & D Center


Our success is based on our wide range of products, technical expertise, and close working relationships with our customers. This combination allows us to provide solutions based on the unique needs of each customer. The wide variety of selection enables custom-built, price competitive solutions with short delivery times for a diverse range of applications.


More than 30 professional engineer who has more than 10 years practical working experience. HXCHEM engineering team works closely with you, provide professional consultation and system configuration drawing, to make sure your equipment works in a good condition.




The HXCHEM Test Center is fully staffed and equipped with laboratory and pilot scale equipment. Our engineers can arrange laboratory and pilot-scale tests to evaluate customer products and develop processes.


The mixing test center utilizes the CFD software and lab stirring simulation experiment to innovate in the industrial fluid mixing industry. Especially for gas-liquid-solid mixing applications.


We have collected about 20 years agitator running records, which could provide the much similar solutions to the project requirement, then choosing the right agitator type, agitator numbers and shaft diameter. Finally confirming the best agitating solution by calculating its running power rate. Before delivery all product are tested at our testing area.